Juicy Skillet Turkey Burgers

Alright y’all, I know I haven’t posted a recipe in, well…a long time. I guess you could say the holiday season really got the best of me. Also, my computer crashed and I lost everything I’ve ever had because I’m technologically challenged and thought the iCloud was something you wear on your face when you sleep on an airplane. Seriously, when I told the “genius” at the Apple store that I don’t back up he looked at me like I had just murdered his father.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of Royito’s recipes during the holidays. Guess we will just have to wait ’til next year for a Turkey or Roast Beast a la Royito’s. Or Eggnog. Or Latkes, for my Jewish brothers and sisters. Actually, scratch the egg nog; that’s disgusting. Sorry for making you imagine the flavor of drinking an alcoholic spicy omelette.

So now we have bypassed the part of the year where everyone unapologetically stuffs their faces with the fattiest foods imaginable and into the part when everyone hates themselves and starts going to yoga class instead of eating on their lunch breaks. While I certainly feel the need to do a little post-holiday artery unclogging, I prefer to eat healthier in more subtle ways. That’s how this recipe for Royito’s Turkey Burgers came about. They have all the satisfaction of a juicy, delicious beef burger, but are leaner and much better for you. Because turkey burgers are so lean, they run the risk of drying out very quickly which isn’t very fun. These ones are sooo not dry though. The Royito’s is perfect for these because turkey lends itself so well to taking on other flavors, and it keeps the meat super moist and delicious. Also, I did this because I wanted to show off my beautiful new baby- my first cast iron skillet, the greatest Christmas present ever. Thanks, mom!

Here’s how you can make these at home:

Put some ground turkey, Royito’s, worcestershire sauce, and chopped fresh cilantro in a bowl.

Now you gotta just get your hands in there and mix it up. No way around this. Just make sure your hands are clean and you wash them THOROUGHLY afterwards, we are talking raw poultry here.

Now divide it into four equal portions, like so:

And form the burger patties to about 1 inch thickness…

You want them to be a little thicker on the edges than in the middle, they will cook more evenly this way without puffing up in the middle.

Now my secret ingredient…lemon pepper. I have become addicted to this stuff and started using it on everything. You can leave it out, but it really adds a nice zing to the burgers.

Now get some oil heating in a skillet. When the oil is very hot, put your burgers in, seasoned side down.

Season the other side, and let them cook for about 4 minutes to get a nice crust.

Flip them, and let them cook on the other side for another 3 minutes.

Now turn the heat as low as possible, cover, and let them cook for another 5 minutes until the burgers are cooked through. If you want to add cheese, put in on for the last minute or so. I used pepper jack. Yum.

Now, you just toast some buns (I used whole wheat because I’m really healthy) and start adding whatever your heart desires to your burger. Here’s how I did mine, but go ahead and get creative.

Add some dijon mustard and you have my idea of perfection. No dry turkey here.

Here’s the printable:

Royito’s Juicy Skillet Turkey Burgers



1 1/4 lb ground turkey
1/2 cup Royito’s Hot Sauce
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
1 tsp lemon pepper
Vegetable oil, enough to lightly coat the skillet
4 slices of pepper jack cheese
Whichever burger toppings you like

Combine turkey, Royito’s, worcestershire sauce, and cilantro in a bowl. Mix with your hands to combine and distribute all the ingredients evenly. Divide into 4 even balls, and form them into patties about 1 inch thick, making them a little thicker on the edges than in the middle. Season the tops of the patties with half of the lemon pepper.

Heat oil in skillet and put two of the patties in, seasoned side down. You should hear a sizzle when you put them in. Season the other side with the lemon pepper and let these cook for about 4 minutes, until a nice brown crust has formed on the outside. Flip them over and cook the other side for another 3 minutes.

Now turn the heat as low as possible, cover, and let them cook through for another 5 minutes. For the last minute, top with cheese and let it melt. Remove from skillet, and do the same with the other two burgers. Assemble how you wish and eat up!

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